You can order Irongate Wagyu Beef quality meats as follows.

Firstly, check our product range below.

You will need to determine where you would like the product shipped (either domestically or through export). Depending on your location, the transportation will vary.

Second, select the product and lastly email your order using our email form by clicking the link below  OR

send to [order (at) irongate.com].

We will be able to give you the details and final prices during our correspondence.


Irongate can supply product:

  • To domestic or export locations
  • Either chilled or frozen
  • From a minimum of 5 cartons for domestic orders
  • Export by air-freight from 1.2 metric ton per consignment
  • Export by sea-freight in 20 or 40 foot, chilled or frozen containers
  • With a Halal certificate on request

For export:

Our trading terms are CFR and FOB.
For domestic:

Our trading terms are FIS



Irongate will not over pack cartons, or a container, to reduce freight cost.

The integrity of our product will be maintained until it reaches our customer.
Each carton will contain the same cut type.


* IW VAC – individually wrapped and vacuum packed
* MW VAC –two or more items will be vacuum packed together.
* VAC packed