Irongate Wagyu Farming History








The Gilmour family have been farming in the Great Southern region for over 45 years. Bill Gilmour the well known Orthopeadic Surgeon started his farming as a young boy in Lockhart, NSW near Wagga Wagga. He moved to Perth and continued the interest, initially in Wellstead, where his eldest son Chris and wife Janey ran the successful Bullaburra Pastoral Co.

Irongate Wagyu is own by the Gilmour family represented by Jenny, Jacqui, Michael and Peter. Irongate Wagyu is on a property in the lush Kalgan River region located near Albany with an abundant water supply and excellent grazing land.

This cattle property comprises of two breeds – Wagyu and Angus. The Angus is a well-known Australian breed however the Wagyu is a specialized Japanese Black whose end product is the highly sought after marbled Wagyu Beef. The herd is managed by Mark James a 30 year beef cattle veteran that has a specialist interest in the husbandry and technical aspects of improving the genetic quality of the herd.

Peter Gilmour spent several years living in Japan as the America’s Cup coach and skipper of Nippon Challenge between 1994 – 2000 during which he was engaged with and learning about the Japanese culture. Of particular interest was the Kobe or Wagyu beef phenomenon. He was attracted to the taste and health aspects as well as highly curious about the specialized production involved through the centuries old genetic development.

This then led to the acquisition of a initial herd of 40 Wagyu PTIC breeders and 3 bulls from the Coates Cattle Company in Queensland which has been expanded by significant AI (Artificial Insemination) and ET (Embryo Transfer) work that has allowed Irongate Wagyu to develop and improve the quality of their Wagyu and Angus stud cattle.