Mother Nature Purity

Irongate Wagyu is on a property in the lush Kalgan River region located near Albany with an abundant water supply and excellent grazing land.

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Meet the Hero

Irongate Wagyu Beef's breeding program is based on tried and proven traditional Japanese farming practices that have been successfully adapted to Australian conditions.

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Fresh Food for Fresh Cattle

Irongate Wagyu only use selected food grade for our cattle in our breeding program.

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Good Location with Amazing Scenery.

Our farm located in Albany had been a great place for the cattle to breed and grow in healthy condition.

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Our Promise

We produce the finest Wagyu beef based on our proven AI (Artificial Insemination) and ET (Embryo Transfer) breeding program.

Wagyu Sales Catalogue

All bulls for sale are registered with the Australian Wagyu Association. The list is to provide a brief overview and break up of Sires used for the sale lots.

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Irongate Wagyu Beef has consistently been achieving some of the best meat grades outside of Japan. Full-blood Wagyu cattle are increasingly being graded 9+, higher than the highest grade in Australia.