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Producing World-Class 100% Fullblood Wagyu Cattle Located On The Pristine South Coast Of Western Australia


Wagyu Bulls

Here at Irongate Wagyu, we are dedicated to producing the highest quality Fullblood Wagyu genetics which are regularly available to you. All Fullblood Wagyu bulls for sale are registered with the Australian Wagyu Association.

All have been semen tested for motility and morphology and passed with 70% motility or better.

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Ready To Work

All our Wagyu bulls are all tested for soundness so they are ready to perform. A full Veterinary Breeding Soundness evaluation is available.


All our bulls have been vaccinated or treated with Rhinogard, MH-One, 7in1, Pestigard and Vibrovax. They are also up to date with Cydectin Platinum and MarksMin treatments.

Freeze Branded

All our bulls are freeze branded for clear identification.

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Wagyu Females

Irongate Wagyu are committed to genetic improvement, with 70% of all calves born parent verified to an AI sire, allowing us to individually select the best outcome for each animal. Consistently using some of the best fullblood Wagyu semen available on the market for our Artificial Insemination (AI) program our female herd have some of the most diverse genetics available.

Ready To Work

Our Wagyu females are all tested for soundness so they are ready to perform. These animals are all ready to be joined within your herd.


All our females have been vaccinated and are up to date with 7in1, Pestigard & MarksMin. They have all been treated with MH-One and Rhinogard at weaning age to reduce any respiratory or other undesirable illnesses.

Freeze Branded

Our PTIC females are all freeze branded for clear identification.

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Wagyu Semen

For your chance to secure some Irongate Fullblood Wagyu genetics, look no further than the many semen sires we have available. Collected and stored at many export and domestic only facilities around Australia.

All Fullblood Wagyu semen sires are registered with the Australian Wagyu Association. All batches have been semen tested and passed with 70% motility or better.


Wagyu Embyros

All embryos have been closely selected based on a range of data including, but not limited to; EBV’s, bloodlines and inbreeding, recessive genetic conditions, carcass data, previous mating performance, and obviously overall progeny potential.

Irongate Wagyu is always looking to progress their genetics by accessing some of the most advanced sires and females in the country, these are often available to you through our fullblood Wagyu embryos.

Did You Know?

Wagyu in Japan were originally draft animals used in agriculture and were selected for their
physical endurance with strong forequarters. This selection favoured animals with more
intra-muscular fat cells – ‘marbling’ – which provided a readily available energy source.

The Gilmour Family Have Been Farming In The Great Southern Region For Over 60 Years.

Bill Gilmour the well-known orthopaedic surgeon started his farming as a young boy in Lockhart, NSW near Wagga Wagga. He moved to Perth and continued the interest, initially in Wellstead with sheep and grain, then later, at Two People’s Bay, in beef cattle.

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