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About Us

Irongate Wagyu & The Gilmour Family

Situated on the pristine south coast of Western Australia, near Two People’s Bay, the Gilmour Family manage and operate a world-leading Fullblood Wagyu stud – Irongate Wagyu. Using the most advanced genetics, the cattle are bred and raised on fertile pastures enriched by the clean air and pure rainfall off the Southern Ocean. 

It all began, when Peter Gilmour lived in Japan as coach and skipper of their America’s Cup Campaign. Here he immersed himself in the culture and was particularly struck by the Wagyu beef. Not just by the amazing taste and health aspects, but also by the unique production and centuries-old traditions of genetic development.

The Gilmour family started with just 40 cows and one bull of the best Wagyu genetics descended from the Japanese grand sire Tajiri. From this impeccable genetic foundation, we employ modern data collection methodologies and the latest breeding techniques, such as artificial insemination and embryo transfer, to develop and refine superior traits. Our 1,500 fullblood Wagyu cattle are now widely regarded as one of the best herds in Australia.

For the past 20 years, Irongate Wagyu has been owned and represented by the Gilmour family of Jenny, Jacqui, Michael, and Peter. All passionate about farming and producing world-class fullblood Wagyu beef, Irongate Wagyu has moved from strength to strength, more recently, breeding some of Australia’s best genetics.

Irongate Wagyu’s data collection and analysis is paramount within the Wagyu sector, providing confirmation of various beliefs or theories, as well as proving many animals through information collected from their progeny. Of late, Irongate Wagyu boasts a 4.5-star Breedplan Herd Completeness of Performance rating, placing the stud operation within the top three breeders when it comes to data collection.

World-Class Breeding Program

Irongate Wagyu’s breeding program is based on tried and proven traditional Japanese farming practices that have been successfully adapted to Australian conditions. They pride themselves on producing the highest quality animals whilst using the most up-to-date and diverse genetics available.

Irongate Wagyu calves are raised on their mother’s milk and supplemented with a carefully selected grain pellet before being weaned to a pasture and grain-based diet, in an attempt to keep them free from respiratory problems and disease.

It’s this secret ration that has been scientifically developed over the last 15 years that gives Irongate Wagyu its unique flavour, which is recognised internationally.

Animal Health

Our cattle’s welfare means everything to us!

It’s no surprise to learn that the healthier and better cared for an animal is, the better the quality of meat it produces. Irongate Wagyu set their standards as high as possible when it comes to their animals’ welfare. Couple this with the unspoiled environment the herd is raised in, and the result is some of the healthiest and happiest Wagyu you will find anywhere.

Fodder Production

An extensive year-round cropping program provides our fullblood Wagyu cattle with the highest quality forage available. This is achieved using high energy, and high protein species, as well as increasing the dry-matter content to supply an adequate amount of feed for all animals.

Tom Dinneen, Irongate Wagyu’s Operations Manager, oversees all aspects of the cropping and grazing program, ensuring no overgrazing and the best possible pasture outcome for the various soil types and properties present on the South Coast of Western Australia.

These quality pastures serve as grazing paddocks for cows, calves and other young stock, enabling Irongate Wagyu to throw all possible resources into the growth and health of these young animals. During the Spring flush, these paddocks are mowed, raked, chopped into short grass clippings and stored in multiple silage pits and subsequently undergo a further fermentation process.

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