At Irongate Wagyu, we are dedicated to producing the highest quality fullblood Wagyu genetics which are regularly available to you. All fullblood Wagyu bulls for sale are registered with the Australian Wagyu Association. All have been semen tested for motility and morphology and passed with 70% motility or better.

Please be aware that purchase of these animals is subject to transport 

Irongate Shikikan N299
PTIC cow naturally mated to a few of our best-performing sires.
Irongate Shikikan P927
Free from all genetic conditions - P927 is a great out-cross sire for your Wagyu herd.
Irongate Michifuku P1002
A son of the well-known sire, Sumo Michifuku F154!
Irongate Mayitoshigemichi S75
*Coming Soon* An exceptional young bull presenting some of our most impressive EBVs yet! Genetic Condition Probability: B3F, CHSF, CL16F, F11C, IARSF
Irongate Mayitoshigenami Jnr R219
A great balanced bull with an exceptional phenotype and a positive EMA-RF relationship
Irongate Bondmaynami S125
Another ripper son of Arubial Bond Q007 producing a number of EBVs in the top 1% of the breed!
Irongate Mayitoshigetaka S68
An impressive young bull producing some incredible EBV's - Son of Arubial Bond Q007
Irongate Tajiri Jnr S129
*Coming Soon* - Our greatest sire bred to date! He has it all!
Irongate Mayitoshigeyama R162
Exceptional EMA and CWT!
Irongate Michifuku P788
Son of our well-known sire M352 with an improved EMA!

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